Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New constitution

Wow, have you seen the work done by the committee of experts... I know how they got it done. Its called cut and paste. How anyone is supposed to vote yes for this unphilosophical document is beyond me. Did I call it unphilosophical? Let me take that back, the underlying philosophy for the draft is called compromise- It is the art of harmonizing two extreme positions.
Why did they do this one may ask. They were interested in harmonizing various individuals' views whether one point of view is wrong or not. In fact, they harmonized views of two completely wrong points of view. To put it in perspective, if they were King Solomon, there's a baby who would have been split into two! Luckily, the Jews had Solomon as their King.
I think the reason why I could not be accused of being in expert is because I subscribe to the view of GIGO... GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT!

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