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Friday, November 27, 2009

Communism through the back door

Someone once said something I would like to paraphrase, "when we think of Equality, we only think of parity with those more wealthier than us, not those less wealthier than us"
The Committee of legal experts have made economic prescriptions that they themselves do not understand... when it comes to economic prescriptions, all I saw in the draft was share, share, share! What is this we are sharing exactly? Why is one individual being forced to share with another?
All is see is Kenyans with PhD mentality (Pull him Down!). It seems that in Kenya, to achieve parity, the average Kenyan would rather pull down the hardworking than work harder to catch up with him. This is a sad state of affairs.
The reason why South Korea and Indonesia are ahead of Kenya in terms of gross domestic income par capita, is more to do with productivity of the average worker than any other factor. They logic is simple. They earn more because they not only work harder, but they work smarter too.
When Kenyans will stop sitting on their behinds and start putting in some hours, you'll begin to see the growth of a middle class worth talking about. Otherwise, the performance of Kenya will worsen with all this welfare being thrown at us. Remember, money is nothing if not backed by increased productivity.
Even though its not advisable to look to government for solutions, there is one thing the government can do for us... get out of the energy and food sector and the problems of Kenya will begin to sort themselves out.

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